Heavens Floor

Starring Clea DuVall  Based on a True Story

Written and directed by Lori Stoll



A photographer chases adventure from Los Angeles to the Canadian Arctic and for the first time finds herself on the line between life and death.


Julia (Clea DuVall) meets expedition leader Jack, (Timothy V. Murphy) who convinces her to join a photographic journey to the frozen tundra. Despite growing tension with her husband Ed (Toby Huss), Julia goes.  Her trip evolves into a life threatening disaster. Ill equipped, she is abandoned.  Darkness Falls…


Julia is rescued by an eleven-year old orphaned Inuit girl, Malaya (Katie May- Dunford) and taken to a small Inuit community. Julia stuck for days, discovers the dark underbelly of Malaya’s world. She is troubled by her inability to rescue Malaya from a childhood that closely resembles her own, and decides to save this girl.


The expansive north is replaced by the crowded south, Malaya alone, unwanted by Julia’s husband and overwhelmed by the coldness of Los Angeles concrete, attempts to return to the Canadian Arctic, forcing Julia to make a decision that leaves us wondering, who really saved whom.





Lori Stoll and Malaya Qaunarq-Chapman

Heavens Floor Credits


In loving memory of

Michael Gottlieb



Written and Directed by

Lori Stoll


Produced By

    Philip Rose pga

Justin Ford

Lori Stoll

 Sally Hanson

Executive Producer

Malaya Qaunirq Chapman




Clea DuVall


Timothy V. Murphy

Toby Huss


Katie May Dunford

As Malaya


Director Of Photography

George Billinger


Director Of Photography (LA)

Danny Moder


  Production Designer

   Leslie Brown


 Casting by Jason Wood C.S.A

  Amey Rene Morris C.S.A.


Editor  Timothy Snell

Supervising Editor  Russell Denove


 Music Supervisor  Koo Abuali

 Costume Designers  Leah Sawick

                                               Elizabeth Warn

 Unit Production Manager  Nara Haftevani

 First Assistant Director  Richard Gershman



 First Assistant Director Trent DeHaan

 (Los Angeles)

 Second Assistant Director Dan Woodstra




Julia: Clea DuVall

Malaya: Katie May Dunford

Ed: Toby Huss

Liam: Chase Brosamle

Jack Martin: Timothy V. Murphy

Carolyn: Stefanie von Pfetten

Matt: Michael Eisner

Naya Alivatak: Sheepa Ishulutaq

Lead Client: Brant Rotnem

Karen: Nicole Sullivan

Ceetee: Solomon Awa

Tommy: Dan Wade

Aunt Sarah: Leesie Akulukjuk

Bob: Richard Gershman

Counter Person: Franco Buscemi

Annie: Pelina Akeeagok

Tommy’s Friend: George Patterson

Waitress: Joleigh Fioravanti

Inuit Priest: Paul Idlout

Immigration Officer Nicholson: Nick Smoke

Gloria: Gloria Sandoval

Pepsi Model: Rosette Laursen

Elder: Abigail Idlout

Elder: Elisapee Nakashook

Throat Singers: Faith and Maiya Twerdin


               Art Direction  Sally Levi

         Storyboard Artist  Jeanie Everett Mitchell

 Location Manager  Adam Silver

 Production Coordinator  Nara Haftevani


Arctic Crew


 Camera Operator  Will Arnot

 1st Assistant A Camera  John Woodward

  2nd Assistant A Camera  Mark Moher

 Steadicam Camera Operator  Will Arnot

  1st Assistant B Camera  Shawn Inukshuk

 Data Management Technician  Ben Levine

 1st Assistant Art Director  Parul Bahuguna

 2nd Assistant Art Director  Bjorn Simonsen

 Art Assistant  John Manzo

 Set Decorator  Jeanie Everett Mitchell


 Script Supervisor  Julie Webster

 Makeup/Hair Department Head  Nina Stephen


 Gaffer  Jon Olts

 Best Boy  Peter Chartier

 Electricians  Wes Vanhoof

 Key Grip  Richard Mall

 Best Boy  Robert Courtemanche

 Grip  Simon Vincent

Production Sound Mixer  David Grant

 Boom Operator  Samuel Robinson

 Stunt Coordinator  Dion Fitzpatrick


 Craft Service  Blake Wilson

 Set P.A.  Sim Philip

                    Tyler Rowe



Los Angeles Crew

 Camera Operator Danny Moder

 1st Assistant A Camera  Kevin Potter

  2nd Assistant A Camera  Mark Moher

 Camera P.A. Nick Nikides

 Data Management Technician  Jan Mendenhall

                                                             Mark Zalewski


 1st Assistant Art Director  Melanie Cycz

 Art Assistant  Ramzy Potts

 Art Apprentice  Zachary Chapman

 Set Decorator Martin Martinez

 On Set Dresser  Michelle Cho

 Property Master  Bjorn Simonsen


 Script Supervisor  Elizabeth Marighetto


 Makeup Department/Hair Head  Jenna Keller

 Makeup/Hair Assistant  Christine Choi


 Gaffer  Blue Thompson

   Andy Chin

 Best Boy  Randy Dye

 Electricians  Adan Galindo

                       Paris Cronin

                     Geo Vargas

                  Mike Cruz

 Key Grip  Chris Rauch

 Best Boy  Jeff Locke

 Dolly Grip Walt Byrnes

 Grips  Christopher Rojas

         Stuart Brereton

                   Matthew Newcomer

      Keith Sherins

 Production Sound Mixer  Juan Ciseros

 Boom Operator  Peter Hansen


 Studio Teacher  Albert Barrientos

                     Mara Mark

                         Audra Crane


 Stunt Coordinator Dion Fitzpatrick


 Production Assistants  Omar Saenz

                                                          Jason Lombardo

                                                    Clement Furic

                                                     Marcus Huerta

                                           Ava Kasai

                                          Alex Cruz

                                                 Luis Sencion

                                                  Martha Nuno

                                                 Eddie Garcia

                                                Erica Larson

                                                         Alejandro Berron

 Iqaluit Background Casting Donna Parry

 Production Coordinator  Tavo Munoz

 Production Secretary  Danica Kwon

 Production Accountant  Kim Findlay

 Still Photographer  Ed Maruyama


 Set Production Assistant  Zachary Chapman

 Stand In Michelle Cho

 Stand In  Keith Sherins

 Stand In  Lucas Zehera


 Arctic Catering by  Royal Canadian Legion Iqaluit

           Grind and Brew

                  Yummy Shawarma

 The Snack

 Los Angeles Catering by  1st To Roll catering

                                              Bruce’s Catering

 Craft Service  Barbera Stephan

  1st Assistant Editor  Trevor Ames


 Sound Post Production:  Sonic Magic Studios


 Sound Mixed by  Richard Kitting


 Supervising Sound Editor  James Miller

 Dialogue Editor  Scott Neff

 Sound Effect Editors  Kyle Azrt

                                                              Derrick McGintley

 ADR Mixer  Jefferey Roy

                 Foley Mixer  Ben Bradshaw

 Foley Artist  Vicki O’ Reilly Vandegrift

 Foley Editor  Isaiah Duncan

 Assistant Sound Editors  Tess Fournier

                                                     Krishna Desai

 ADR Facility Coordinator  Michael Toji

 Sound Studio Manager  Robert Dehn


         Additional Dialogue   Chris McCarthy at the Kisarvik   Society of Iqaluit, NU


        Score performed by  J. Peter Robinson

 Music Editor  Nick Viterelli


 Digital Intermediate and Opticals by Technicolor Digital Intermediates

A Technicolor Company


 DI Colorist  Tony Dustin

 Technicolor Key Account Mgr  Michael Moncrief


                   Titles by  Shonnard Hedges


        Insurance Provided by  B.F. Lorenzetti & Associates

             Insurance Broker  Kathy England & Taylor & Taylor Ltd.


                  Cameras provided by   Panavision Hollywood


Stock Footage Provided By:

In Motion CA

Pond 5



Production Office and Support provided by

Steve Chapman

Chapman Management


Air Transportation Provided by   Canadian North


The filmmakers would like to thank:

Aliviqtaq Qaunirq and Lucy Qaunirq for letting us tell their story.


Sherri Rowe, Angela McPherson, Dushyenth Ganesan, Julie Alivaktuk, Frank & Penny Ford, Senator Dennis Patterson, John Hawkins, Iqaluit Airport, Adamie Sakeeta, Aqsarniit Middle school, Craig Dunphy, Melissa & Amanda Ford, The Qaunirq Family, Baffin Gas, Cameron DeLong, David Monteith, Dion Fitzpatrick,  Inuksuk High School, Mayor John Graham & The City Of Iqaluit, Pascale Arpin, Rowena House, Paul Barrieau, Royal Bank of Canada Iqaluit Branch, Ceronda Enocencio, Keith & Itee Baines, Office of the Honourable Minister Leona Aqlukkaq, Quixote, Galpin Studio Rentals, Air Hollywood, Nunavut Business Credit Corporation, Baffin Business Development Corporation, Canada Goose, Coman Arctic Ltd., Baffin Footwear and Apparel, Canadian North, Parks Nunavut, Nunavut Tourism, Nunavut Film Development Corporation, NCC Development Limited, Keewatin Air, Government of Nunavut.


Produced with the assistance of the Government of Nunavut and the Nunavut Film Development Corporation

Shot on location in Nunavut, Canada


                 Color and Digital Intermediate by Technicolor



This is a work of fiction.  The characters, incidents and locations portrayed and the names herein are fictitious, and any similarity to or identification with the location, name, character or history of any person, product or entity is entirely coincidental and unintentional.


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